12 thoughts on “In-Memory OLTP diagnostic script

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  2. Ned Otter Post author


    Line 713 as written is 100% valid.

    Perhaps your issue is that you don’t have ‘show advanced options’ enabled for sp_configure.

  3. Ned Otter Post author

    Hi Konstantin,

    Thanks very much for your cdmment, and apologies for the case ‘insensitivity’ of my script. Will fix that in the near future.

      1. Ned Otter Post author

        This script is so new, I think it needs to stabilize a bit before it’s ready for prime time. So let’s be in touch about that possibility in the near future. We can connect on twitter and DM, or you can fill out the contact form on this site with your contact info, and I’ll be in touch.

        Also, there is a survey that I published today about issues blocking wider adoption of In-Memory OLTP. Link here:


        By the way, are you using In-Memory OLTP in production?

        Thanks again for your interest in my script.


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